How Can I Help?

 Let’s Work Together

Wherever you are in the world, I offer private chat sessions over the phone, online or in person as available. I teach, coach, and mentor professionals, volunteers and students in Intuitive Animal Communication,  Active Listening and dog talking.  I am available for special events & speaking engagements.

Navigating Final Stage of Life

Highly personalized chat session with you and your dog. Special consideration for what your dog is feeling and expressing in whatever form the dog prefers. Most people find these sessions generate a lot of peace and comfort as people feel better equipped to discern answers to challenging questions. Available to be on call as needed.

1 hr | $175

Talking With Your Dog! Full

In depth conversation with you and your pet, tuning in to your dog by picture, Facetime or via Zoom. Find out about your dog’s home life, favorite things, personality preferences, a medical scan, answer questions and find out what your dog really wants you to know. Ask questions and get answers.

1 hr | $175

Talking With Your Dog! Mini

Tuning in to your dog by picture, Facetime, via Zoom, this session is 30 minutes and dedicated to finding out your dog’s favorite things and what it wants you to know. Ask questions and get answers as time allows. Amazing how much detail we can get in a short time, but option to upgrade if you need to go deeper.

30 mins | $100

Time With Liz

Need time on my calendar to talk about a project or collaboration? Happy to connect with people too!

Virtual Workshops & Mentoring 

Typically I teach groups in person, but am currently offering only private and online workshops and mentoring.


How I Talk To Dogs

I rely on my ability to tune in to animals telepathically and build trusting connections, whether in person or working remotely with an animal, and intuitively receive images, hear words, get a knowing sense and even feel sensations a dog might be experiencing like nausea, stiffness or even pain in a specific area of the body.

I can ask dogs questions and get answers to what they are thinking and want their people to know.

Please note: I do not provide medical advice and often recommend seeking medical advice or working with a professional dog trainer when necessary.


Love how Liz is so connected to how the animals are. Plus the fact that she is so passionate about helping them be better pets and parents to each other.

Liz gave us a personalized reading for both of our dogs. Simply amazing! She was spot on and gave us insight in how to better connect with our pets. Highly recommend listening to her podcast as you might learn a thing or two about your furry friend.

Liz is amazing and the work she does is so important. Liz interviewed our blind Maltese Harold and based on what she told us, we took action finding a holistic doctor for him. It totally transformed his health and quality of life. So grateful to Liz! 

Talking With The Dogs!

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